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How Does Stone Island T-shirt fit ?

As we mentioned in our article How do you fit size Stone Island ? the Italian label's t-shirt is nowadays a reference in contemporary fashion. It represents the ideal complement to a wardrobe that is trendy and at the cutting edge of fashion.

In order to give you a better understanding of the products offered by the compass rose, we have prepared this guide which will give you a sharp knowledge and in particular how does Stone Island t-shirt fit. With a great textile quality, the Stone Island tee is excellent in a modern techwear look, but not only. Emblematic, sober and efficient, infinitely declinable, it is perfectly adapted to modern streetwear outfits, casuals, and many others! Between basic tees, flocked tees and limited editions, the Italian brand with the compass rose will be happy to bring its unique label to your wardrobe. Between embroidery, logo patch, original collars and modern visuals, you are bound to find the t-shirt of your dreams at Stone Island.

The Stone Island basic t-shirt, a reference

Stone Island offers us each season reissues of its basic tee. Fabric Improvement, expansion of the collection, find all the history of the brand with our article where does Stone Island comes from ? to learn everything about the label.  They are all entirely made of cotton for a high quality textile. We can note on all the pieces the presence of the very famous compass rose on a logo patch sewn on the chest. The label presents, as with the Stone Island caps, multiple colours. As a result, all the pieces can fit into countless looks. If the weather gets cloudy and the wind picks up, the stoney tee goes perfectly with a sweater from the label to assert its streetwear look without necessarily putting on coats. Adapt the choice of the size of your stoney sweater according to the occasion and for that, check our article How Does Stone Island Sweatshirt Fit ? to choose the size that will fit you. 

The Stone Island flocked tops, splendid

You don't just rely on basic Stone Island T-shirts to add to your wardrobe. The label also presents flocked tees in front of the famous compass rose to bring a real identity to your favorite looks. They have the logo of the label embroidered or printed on the front. Small sizes, large sizes, the variations are almost infinite for our greatest pleasure. The same goes for the colours. Stone Island offers them in a huge palette of colours so that everyone can find the piece that suits them. Of course, these are the perfect pieces to match with Stone Island cargo shorts. Your summer looks will never look better than with the pieces from the Italian label!

The iconic Stone Island limited edition t-shirts

Stone Island also shines with its special edition t-shirts. Let's have a look at the strongest pieces ! Speaking of mythical pieces, we can not continue this article without mentioning the famous FW19 collection of Stone Island and its extravagant pieces. Find them on our article Stone Island FW19, Between Innovation And Heritage, a collection that has upset the brand.

Stone Island Desert Camo t-shirt

This short-sleeved tee has a fabric made entirely of cotton. It has a neckline slightly quoted for a very classic look. The originality comes from the Desert Camo print present on the whole piece. We obviously find the embroidered compass rose on the front for a subtle but very effective rendering. This Desert Camo edition is also available as a jacket and coat. You'll have to be clever to wear these pieces, we recommend a Stone Island cargo pants for a successful techwear look.

Shadow Project Stone Island t-shirts

For its Shadow Project collection, Stone Island presents us with highly inspired pieces of high textile quality. Using very original visuals for jackets, coats and trousers, the Italian label offers us a selection of printed t-shirts that are in total adequacy with the rest of the collection. They have prints with very modern visuals inspired by flat design that will take the place of key pieces of your wardrobe. They are all of very good manufacture, they will be held in time. Stone Island's Shadow Project collection is a reference in contemporary ready-to-wear. Find all the history of this Stone Island collection and these different pieces through our article Stone Island Shadow Project's History Collection that endures through the seasons.

How do you fit Stone Island T-shirts?

Stone Island tees have a very similar sizing to crewnecks. In order to choose the right size, all you have to do is take one size above your usual size. Take Large if you are used to taking Medium.

Here is a size guide for Stone Island t-shirts:

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