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How Does Stone Island jacket Fit ?

In our article how do you fit Stone Island, we already evoked some peculiarities concerning the Stone Island jacket. The Italian brand is a true masterpiece and every season it offers us a selection of high quality pieces.

In fact, every year the compass rose develops a complete range of technical clothing which includes jackets, coats and waistcoats. Particularly appreciated by fashion lovers, Stone Island jackets have become an essential part of the contemporary wardrobe. It must be said that the history of Stone Island jackets is quite unique.

50 years ago, the brand decided to design a collection of coats from the tarpaulins used by military trucks to protect their goods! This ingenuity is still present today at Stone Island, which is constantly innovating and equipping its creations with the best technologies to guarantee maximum comfort. Faced with so much innovation, we have decided to offer you a guide to help you find out how does Stone Island jacket fit

Stone Island puffer jacket

Stone Island puffer jackets are designed with a very special technique. A loom is used to inject the feathers directly into the inside of the piece. As a result, the jacket will have an increased waterproofness and strength. In addition, the fabric is dyed with a special agent that makes the jacket more solid. We have also written an article How Does Stone Island T-shirt fit ? which presents you all the specificities of this piece. Stone Island sets the standard for contemporary down jackets, which are ideal for use in extreme weather conditions. Available in many colors, you will surely find what you are looking for! These jackets are also available in sleeveless versions. Following the same manufacturing process, they will be ideal for walking, whether in the city or in the mountains.

Stone Island Jacket

Stone Island jackets are ideal for use in bad weather and are the best protection against the rain. Their technical fabrics are dyed with products whose Italian label has the secret to guarantee an irreproachable textile quality. Moreover, the label has an eye for detail and the zippers are all made so that no water droplets can penetrate the inside of the jacket. It is also important to know how to maintain your clothes and for that the washing step is essential, in our article How do you wash a Stone Island sweater?, we present you a range of techniques to wash at best and take care of your pieces as it should be. As usual, Stone Island offers us a huge range of colorrs that will find a place in any wardrobe.

Stone Island coat

Stone Island jackets are a great asset during very cold weather. As for the other types of pieces, there are technical and innovative fabrics that are resistant to all types of weather. We could for example talk about coats made of Cordura. This very technical material is of a rare solidity. Indeed, it is tear-proof. Its synthetic meshes have a very specific mesh. They are moreover perfectly adapted to the cold, all their linings are of quality to keep you warm. Over the years and thanks to the fame of Stone, the Italian label has been able to work on collaborations and especially supreme, in our article Stone Island collaborations : Supreme x Stone Island, we look back on these collections with immediate success and their impact in the street culture. Of course, all the pieces are decorated with the famous Stone Island logo, the compass rose.

The Stone Island softshell

Lighter than a Stone Island coat, it will be perfect to accompany you between winter and summer. Inspired by the military style, it has a big utility side with large front pockets. They are all made of high quality cotton. Several colors are available, but we still prefer the iconic of the label, such as khaki or black. The Stone Island softshells are a reference.

For the times to come, Stone Island will not leave you alone. The Italian brand also offers softshells r, waterproof versions. They will be a must to face the rain that accompanies the beginning of spring. They are obviously adorned with the famous wind rose patch that will make you look good. These pieces are must-haves in a modern functional wardrobe.

Stone Island waistcoat

Stone Island vests are also a great choice. More adapted to a spring use, they will be perfect to accompany your crewnecks or hoodies. Their light fabrics will accompany you for your hikes, your walks in the countryside as well as your strolls in cities. Their modern and authentic silhouette will bring the Italian label's signature to your wardrobe. As usual, Stone Island offers us a multitude of colors for its hoodies, allowing the label to have the piece you need.

How does the Stone Island jacket fit?

With Stone Island, the sizing of the jackets is similar to all the other tops. All you have to do is take one size above your usual size to fit in your jacket. To illustrate: if you normally wear Medium, go for Large.

Here is a size guide for the Stone Island jacket :

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