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How to wear Clarks shoes. Advice on colors and materials.

Wearing Clarks Originals is a crucial issue. No one wants to make a taste mistake by badly associating his pair with his pants. It is also important to choose the right material for your Clarks Originals depending on the event or your lifestyle.We tell you everything you need to know in this article.

How to put on your shoes, and this in all occasions, from the most casual to the most formal. You will know how to wear boots, as well as the timeless and so comfortable Wallabees, and especially how to lace up your shoes. Yes, it may seem surprising, but there is a "trick" that few people know.

How to wear Clarks desert boots.

True pillars of the brand, these shoes adapt perfectly to all types of occasions and bring a casual touch to all your looks. The deserts boots will fit perfectly with casual and trendy clothes by being accompanied by denim, a plain t-shirt, a shirt or a sweater.

For a more formal occasion, leather models are more suitable. Accompanied by a white shirt and blue chino pants or even a suit, they will complete your outfit without neglecting your comfort.

We advise you to choose timeless colors such as beige, navy blue or dark brown to easily complete your outfits. However, there are many colors available to assert your personality through a trendy and custom-made look.

The Wallabees, an all-purpose pair.

No need to introduce you to this mythical pair of the brand. With a casual look, these timeless shoes will easily accompany you through the seasons all year long. A pair of slim or skinny denim with a pair of Wallabees in maple suede will help you look good without being too formal.

The chino is the perfect companion to the Wallabees. Both being pieces that add a casual chic look to your outfit, this combination remains a timeless through the seasons. You can also add a shirt and blazer for a slightly more formal occasion.

And in addition to our advice on how to wear the famous Desert and Wallabees, find our article dedicated to the history of Clarks shoes in Jamaica. How did shoes from an English label end up on the feet of the islanders, to the point of making them a cultural icon?

clark original

Our tips for choosing the right material for each occasion.

Now that you know how to accompany your pairs with the right tops and pants, we will focus on their texture. Indeed, to have a balanced and appropriate look, you need to choose the right shoe, but also the right materials. The label's pieces come in two main categories: leather and suede.

First of all, we will focus on the leather pairs. Leather is a chic and solid material that gives off a shine and a sense of solidity. It is more suitable to choose leather models for more formal events. Compared to suede, leather requires less maintenance.

Suede is similar to velvet in that it is softer, which makes it easier to wear. This material allows you to add a casual touch to your look with lighter colors than leather. However, suede is totally permeable and will need more maintenance to be worn in winter.

How to wear Clarks heels for different seasons?

The label also offers short heels, a practical and comfortable option for staying chic all day. A real all-rounder, the different models offered allow you to wear them through the seasons for formal or casual events.

For summer, we recommend you opt for short heels with a back strap, an elegant option that will match your dresses or mid-length skirts. Denim is also a good alternative to highlight your casual and dressy look. However, remember to hem your denim to showcase your pair.

For the winter season, heeled boots will be a great alternative to stay chic and warm. They will fit perfectly with denim, bell bottoms or a dress with tights. To keep a sober but neat style during the winter, complete your outfit with a sweater to highlight your boots.

How to lace up your Clarks.

If you choose Clarks for your footwear, it's probably because comfort is one of the important features you look for and value. But to optimize the well-being of your feet, you must know how to tie your shoes correctly. That's why we offer you this little tutorial with our best tips to make sure you'll wear your pair at your best and be comfortable with it in any circumstance.

To begin, make a first knot where you will place your right lace down and the left one up. (Note: make sure to place the brand's emblematic label against the side of your shoe when you make the first knot).

Next, to form the second loop, you will run the string underneath the loop, not over it as many of you are used to doing.

Tighten the knot reasonably and leave your laces out. (There is no need to pull tight). The knot will strengthen with each step and you won't have to do it again all day.

Now you know how to tie your shoes to show them off and look good. Don't forget to take care of your laces to give a neat look, in adequacy with your pair.

To conclude.

The British label has models to dress our feet, whatever the season and for all occasions. It is up to you to choose the model that suits you and that will sublimate the style you are looking for. Adapt your choices according to the different materials and play with the different colors to best reflect your personality to remain trendy with your clothes.

Don't neglect the lacing of your pair either, it would be a shame to spoil the look of your pair with a badly done tightening! To maximize the life of your pair and keep its shine, don't forget to maintain them, especially the suede ones, in order to wear them all year round.

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