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How to size Clarks shoes ? Size guide.

In life, you have to make choices: even in fashion! After many hours of reflection in a store, you finally made up your mind. Your choice is the brand straight from England: Clarks Originals. Unfortunately, this line of shoes has a multitude of models with different looks, sizes and shapes. What a dilemma!

These are very different shoes in both design and execution. Indeed, these models are composed of a multitude of lines of different colors and materials.

Between the Desert Boots, the Wallabee, the Desert Trek, and the Desert London, the choice seems more difficult than expected!

Do you want to go for a so-called city shoe or a more sporty model? Should it have a heel like the Desert London or a crepe wedge sole like the Wallabee Boots? Should you focus on the comfort of your little toe or the look? A vast question on which you have already decided.

Beyond their shape are also models that have marked the culture internationally. Today each model is marked by its history, and those who have worn it. We advise you to read our article on the history of Clarks shoes in Jamaica. From children to adults, the pair has become a staple in the wardrobe of everyone on the island. Come find out why!

Now that you've decided on a model, all you have to do is choose the right size! At Clarks Originals, sizes and foot widths differ very little between models. This is a real advantage! Each shoe requires a half size smaller than yours.

Nevertheless, it should not be forgotten that the feeling of the foot is different according to the models mentioned above. That's why we will detail the different emblematic models of the brand with precision their different specificities.

The Desert Boots and the desert London.

On the one hand we have the Desert Boots. One of the most popular models of the brand. Comfortable, robust and versatile boots, it is not surprising that the pair has stood the test of time. On the other hand, the desert london. With its two pieces of leather mounted on crepe, the desert london is a low version of the Boots.

These two models with two eyelets are very easy to put on. You will find a remarkable ease, but if you have a wide foot, you may need a little time to adapt before finding this ease specific to the brand. Indeed, contrary to appearances, once put on, these two pairs can be relatively narrow. But once again, the first impression is never the right one. Before validation, take into account your big toe and not the width. At Graduate, we recommend that you take a half
size smaller than yours.

Desert boots

Clarks leather will stretch quickly, and if you have opted for a suede pair, it will stretch even more quickly. You should feel perfectly comfortable very soon after your purchase.

We do caution people with flat feet, though.

These models are classics, but as you might expect, they are far from the latest in orthopedic technology. Without a shank, they lack support. We therefore recommend adding a small orthopedic insert.

The Desert Trek.

Slightly wider than its two sisters, you will find in the Desert Trek all the comfort you are looking for from Clarks Originals. This city shoe, which does not lack originality, brilliantly combines comfort, style and trend, but also remains a vintage pair, and therefore devoid of modern technology. Notice to the sagging arches, Clarks has still thought of you by leaving you a little space at the heel for your soles.

The Wallabee and Wallabee Boots.

High or low, the Wallabee is certainly the most comfortable Clarks of the Originals range.

A cross between a moccasin and a sneaker, its crepe wedge sole will give more support to your arch than the previous ones. It is perfectly suited to wide feet, and will require no time to adapt to feel the ultimate ease of the English brand. Its slightly cubic toe box leaves all the space your toes need to express themselves throughout the day. Be careful not to forget to subtract half a size from your usual size to avoid trips to the store. Indeed Clarks remains and will always remain as generous on their dimensions.

Wallabee boots

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