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How To Clean Clarks Suede Shoes? Care of suede shoes.

Here is a question that we are often asked! How to clean this material so appreciated? With our article you will know everything about the maintenance of your  Clarks Originals.

In this article we will go back to the basics, namely what are the different leathers? Then we will see that a good regular maintenance will avoid many disappointments, then we will see how to concretely come to the end of the most stubborn stains. And as a bonus, what not to do!

The different types of skin and leather.

Yes, let's start with the basics. You've bought yourself a nice pair of Wallabees, or other suede shoes, and you're wondering "but what is suede really? Is it the same as nubuck? " Yes and No. That's it for me, thank you, that was Graduate.

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No no, come back.

First, let's start from the beginning. All of these names refer to a type of leather, which is an animal skin. And an animal skin can be worked in several ways. There is the "outer skin" of the animal, the one on which the hair grows, which is called "flower". And there is the "inner" side, which we call "flesh". Your skin is the flower, take off your skin (no, don't), turn it inside out and you have the flesh.

Suede, velvet, nubuck. What's that?

So let's do this in a very synthetic way to be perfectly crystal clear. Nubuck is a grain leather whose surface has been delicately sanded with sandpaper. This sanding gives this fluffy and velvety aspect that can evoke the horns of a deer.

The velvet designates a leather on the flesh side. Here too, the material has a soft and velvety touch. And when we talk about velvet, we usually mention the animal, namely calf velvet or lamb velvet.

And finally, suede. It is a denomination that includes both types of leather seen previously. It's refer to a leather with a velvety appearance, which can be either nubuck or velvet. In the case of a pair of shoes, the velvet is less resistant.

Now you know (almost) everything. Don't forget to read our article on the Clarks size guide. Having clean shoes is good, but they still have to fit! Indeed, a size under or over can deform and mark the leather of the shoe. Read our recommendations to learn more.

Taking care of your Clarks Originals.

Before trying to remove stains, the best thing to do is to not have any. Underneath this condescension are some very practical tips and tricks for taking care of your shoes.

Taking care of your shoes to avoid rain is essential. Water, and even worse, dirty water, will be quickly absorbed by the leather. And if this should happen, avoid drying your pair too close to a heat source, which will dry out the suede.

If you maintain your pair well, then you can think about offering you one of the many collaborations of Clarks. We tell you everything about Clarks Originals collaboration, from Supreme to Wu-Tang in our article. But first, let's get back to our household tasks.

On a regular basis, clean your pair of leather shoes completely with a dry cloth. An occasional cleaning will remove traces and dirt from the entire surface of the pair. Necessary tips to keep your baby's beautiful color. Don't forget to clean the crepe sole, and if possible place a shoe tree in the shoe to keep its shape. And store them away from dust.

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Get rid of tougher stains on your suede shoes.

A three-step process. The first, the quietest and recommended, a small soft brush or crepe brush. Try to gently remove the stain with these two utensils. If the stain is oily, do not hesitate to add some "terre de sommières". Let it sit for a few hours so that it can absorb the grease.

Second step, slightly rougher, the nail file. Always very delicately, file gently on the spot of the stubborn stain. The file will lightly sand the leather and remove some of the material and the stain with it. Be careful.

Last step, a shoe "fatality". The wire brush. It is of course very effective, but the operation is to be reserved for the traces unremovable and very occasionally, see rare. In the long term, it can be very bad, both in terms of the shape and appearance of the leather and the sole.

Alternative methods to revive the suede of your Clark Originals.

Let's start with the so-called alternative methods, the recipes of grandmothers heard here and there. First of all, vinegar at a rate of one spoonful for every two spoonfuls of water, soak a clean cloth in it and gently rub the dirt stain. Let it dry in the open air.

A solution recommended by the Clarks brand itself. Baking soda and talcum powder are two other solutions for the maintenance of your shoes that is regularly recommended. We do not recommend it.

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The best thing to do, rather than using talcum powder, is to go directly to a cleaning spray from a quality brand such as Saphir. On a well-brushed pair of shoes, give the spray a good swipe, wait for an hour or so, and then gently re-brush when dry. The color of your suede shoes will shine brightly.

It seems obvious, but avoid all extreme solutions. Bleach, white spirit, washing machine, water jet... You have understood, you don't need anything extravagant and destructive for your pair of Clark.

Suede is a delicate leather, follow our advice, avoid rain, direct heat and dust and everything will be fine!

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