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The masterpieces of Ralph Lauren’s car collection.

A collection of legendary cars, mythical, made of vintage and exceptional vehicles. The owner of these gleaming machines that have marked the history of motor racing, technology and design is none other than the owner of the brand, or shall I say the Ralph Lauren Universe.

Passionate about beauty and vintage, RL has built up an impressive garage over the years, and we're going to tell you all about it. From car-inspired fashion shows to museum inductees, find out more about this extraordinary collection!

A 350 million dollar garage

Ralph Lauren is not only a great fashion designer, he is also known for his immense and prestigious car collection. Warm in Bedford near New York in his private garage or in the Museum of Decorative Arts in Paris, Ralph's collection of about 60 cars is valued at 350 Million.

It was on September 17, 2017 that the designer decided to open the doors of his collection, a real communication move that allowed the press to discover his "Ali Baba's Cave".

voiture ralph lorene

The American designer will draw real inspiration from his collection of exceptional pieces gathered between 1983 and 1989. We find there his Ettore Bugatta, his Bentley Blower, his Alfa Romeo 8c, his Jaguar xkd and other masterpieces.

The exhibition at the Museum of Decorative Arts in Paris

Seventeen cars of the American designer were honored from April 28th to August 28tht 2011 at the exhibition in Paris. For Ralph Lauren, it’s an invitation to the French to better discover his personality.

Carefully selected in collaboration with Rodolphe Rapetti, curator of the exhibition, the US designer's collection of cars sheds new light on automotive culture.

Masterpieces such as the mythical Jaguar xkd, the Alfa Romeo 8c, the Bentley blower or his Ferrari 250 were presented for the greatest pleasure of the enthusiasts, but also of the neophytes of the automobile. It was an opportunity to present the European automotive history, sublimated by the staging of the architect Michel Wilmotte.

Speed, style and beauty, Boston show

The Fall 2005 show in Boston was largely inspired by the designer's love of sports cars. There were black leather jackets and skirts that were close to the body, referring to his Bugatti 57 SC Cabriolet Gangloff, a mythical car in his collection.

Mercedes also had its wink with a beaded dress evoking the back of the Mercedes-Benz 300 SL.

The men's looks also made a good impression with a tartan trench coat and cuffed pants. The rest of the show was based on a succession of looks from the 30's that were unanimously appreciated, except for the suit and glasses worn by Erin Wasson that were a faux pas.

A Fall 2017 collection in symbiosis with the luxury automobile

It’s a roaring fashion show that was offered to us by the designer for the release of his collection Ralph Lauren Fall 2017. The "catwalk" for the models was surrounded by exceptional cars like the McLaren F1 of 1996, the Jaguar XKSS of 1958, the mythical Bugatti Type 57S, the Sc Atlantic or the Mercedes 300 SL.

It is a real show in the theme of car racing with a parade based on the principle of racing. The three-piece suits open the ball to let the gala dresses take over, sometimes accompanied by a down jacket, before ending with a nod to the world of rallying.

Indeed, for the grand finale of the show, primary colors and leather are honored for the Ralph Lauren men collection, with pieces reminiscent of car mechanics.

Ralph Lauren collection

To conclude

Over time, the American designer has been seduced by the automotive world and chooses his favorite brands of sports cars such as Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, McLaren ...

It became a real inspiration for his collections and a real theme at the center of some of his shows. His garage contains a multitude of exceptional cars and racing cars that arouse the curiosity of all, retracing the history of the European automobile.

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