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Ralph Lauren And Sport

Who says Americana and preppy naturally says sport. What could be more obvious than clothes made for adventure if we think of the conquest of the West or any other mythology of this country continent. What we call the "Ralph Lauren Universe" has taken this state of mind to heart.

We will see throughout our article, the Ivy League inspirations of the brand, and its first official incursions into tennis and golf. Also we evoke the sports collections of the label, as well as the first steps in the world of e-sport.

Ivy league preppy inspiration

1967, the creation of the most iconic and influential brand in American history, Polo Ralph Lauren. Ralph Lauren had always dreamed of working in the sports world, but because of his height of 6'2", his desired career as a basketball player was impossible.  As a child's dream, we can only recommend "The Polo Bear Coloring Book By Polo Ralph Lauren".

Following his adventures, he worked as a salesman at Brooks Brother's, during which he began to design striped ties. He was spotted by Norman Hilton, from whom he borrowed $50,000 to launch his future clothing brands such as Polo Jean & Co, Purple Label and Polo Ralph Lauren.

Born dreamer Ralph Lauren draws much of his inspiration from the golden American youth, the Ivy league which includes the most prestigious American universities. Renowned for their sports clubs and the quality of life they offer, these universities have left their mark on the designer's spirit through his many collections.

ralph loren

1992, Polo Ralph Lauren conquers sports

In 1971, the brand decided to adopt the famous logo that we all know today, the polo player although basketball is Ralph's sport. Shortly afterwards, another classic of the genre, Ralph Lauren polo shirts, was created and will be gradually declined in 24 colors. These polo shirts will mark the beginning of the explosion of the brand worldwide.

Always wishing to orient themselves in the world of sports, they decided at the end of the 70s to launch their very first fragrance with notes of leather, sandalwood and tobacco specially designed for polo players. This same fragrance will be declined thereafter in a version sport eau de toilette with this time some scents denoting subtle touches of lemon bergamot, mint, ginger.

Then comes the year 1992 during which the vision of Ralph Lauren sport will become clearer and so they will decide to launch a new range. With this new Stadium collection, Ralph Lauren Polo took a step into the world of sportswear with original, colorful designs, but above all with clothes adapted to sportsmen. We will find joggers, sweatshirts and other t-shirts specially designed for sports activities. This collection of Ralph's sport polo shirts will become one of the most wanted in the world.

More recently, Ralph Lauren polo sport will release many collections on various themes such as: mountaineering, beach and the latest, polo sport outdoors which will be a tasty mix of tex-mex and ski. Not without recalling certain scents of sandalwood, ginger for example.

Ralph Lauren and tennis, a growing story

It is with their vision and engagement in the world of sports that in 2005, Ralph Lauren Polo sport becomes the first equipment supplier of the eminent tennis grand slam, the US OPEN.

One year later, the polo brand succeeded in rallying a second grand slam to its cause, Wimbledon, which despite very strict dress codes, returned to its own dress code, this time allowing Polo Ralph Lauren to equip all the people necessary for the smooth running of the tournament.

And this year, the Australian Open officially announces Ralph Lauren Polo as a partner and supplier of the tournament for the year 2021.

Sporty ranges full of stories

In view of the popularity and impact of the Polo sport range, since 2019 the brand is relaunching capsule collections based on the former designs of Ralph Lauren's sport ranges.

With their history, many capsule collections are revived, carrying with them a sweet scent of nostalgia, among these collections, we find Polo Sport Denim. This collection recalls the denim shirts, cowboy style so appreciated by the designer in the 79s.

ralph laurene

Although Ralph's sports department has evolved a lot over time, the brand has not lost any of its old-fashioned scent and continues to live on through thematic collections.

From sport to e-sport "Holiday Run"

In 2020, Ralph Lauren is going to conquer the video game by partnering with the famous streaming platform Twitch. For the holiday season, the brand is making its famous Polo Bear available through an online game to virtually visit the brand's windows.

The goal is very simple, collect as many points as possible by picking up Christmas ornaments and gifts while avoiding traps to earn points and move to the top of the ranking.

The event was promoted on Twitch through European video game enthusiasts specially invited for the occasion. Viewers of this inaugural event had the chance to win exclusive gifts and end the event with a concert by the band The Vamps.

So, after sweating over a good part of this video game, why not perfume yourself with a sporty eau de toilette with bergamot and mint scents?

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