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Ralph Lauren Philantropist, a committed fashion designer.

It is important to give back to others and to work for the common good. It's not widely known, but it's easy to imagine that the Foundation, and what we call the Ralph Lauren Universe, supports a large number of causes and associations.

In our article on the subject, we return to the commitment to the fight against cancer undertaken by the brand, as well as the focus on the prevention of breast cancer. Also the issues of literacy and the fight against deforestation will be discussed.

The Ralph Lauren Corporate Foundation's recent $10 million commitment

With 10 million dollars, the Ralph Lauren Corporate Foundation is committed to a real solidarity challenge: fighting cancer, as well as supporting hospital workers and the fashion world, both of which are severely affected by Covid-19.

The label then offers contributions to the Response fund Covid-19 of the World Health Organization to prevent, detect and fight against the virus.

As both a business and a philanthropist, the brand partnered with the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) to donate 250,000 masks and 25,000 FDA-compliant isolation gowns to meet the urgent needs of healthcare workers.

To learn more about the history of the clothing brand, check out our article "Ralph Lauren and books", or "Ralph Lauren: From the Bronx to the Olympics Games" which traces the history of the brand and the men who compose it.

In addition, 25,000 meals were funded by Ralph Lauren Corporation for hospital workers in London, and Ralph's coffee is visiting hospitals in New York, providing coffee and pastries for workers. 1.5 million pieces of the label's new clothing were provided to the workers and their families with the help of the Pink Pony association.

As for the fashion designer's employees, they benefit from financial subsidies with medical care, childcare as well as help for the elderly provided.

Finally, to provide for the poorest, the brand has launched a literacy and education program for children by encouraging families to read together by providing access to books.

The Pink Pony campaign, a committed Ralph Lauren Collection

Launched in 2000, the Pink Pony campaign reflects the company's commitment and history against breast cancer. For 20 years, the American label has offered a collection with a wide range of clothing models for men and women featuring the famous pink pony.

The particularity of this Pink Pony capsule sale is to donate 25% of the sale price to fight against cancer. The flagship product of the capsule is the "Live Love" t-shirt, with all sales donated to the cause. And since we're talking about clothes don't forget to read our article "Recognizing A Real Polo Ralph Lauren Sweater"

Previously focused solely on breast cancer, the brand has expanded its mission to advocate for values to reduce inequities in care for a wide range of cancers.

Pink Pony

For this 2020, the campaign has highlighted several patients who are battling the disease and stakeholders in the fight against cancer. They all speak out and tell their stories about hope, survival, healing, love and life. The color palette of pink, navy blue, white and gray was in the spotlight this year.

Some of the other "Ralph Lauren Collection" offers clothing for men and women in favor of charity.

Ralph Lauren against breast cancer

In 2003, the American philanthropist, in association with the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and the North General Hospital in Harlem, opened a cancer prevention and treatment center in Harlem and more precisely the breast cancer research.

ralph lorene

Inspired by his past and by Dr. Freeman, the American designer wanted to offer the possibility, through the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, to reduce the inequalities of treatment between different communities facing the disease.

The center now makes treatment possible for a multitude of cancers while providing access to additional on-site services such as pain management or psychotherapy.

It is a true information center for the Harlem community, but also a player in reforming U.S. health policy for those most in need.

This center is the continuation of a fight that the designer has been waging since 1990 when he co-founded the Nina Hyde Center for Breast Cancer research. For all these years, the American has continued to raise awareness through charitable initiatives to raise funds in the fight against this devastating disease.

In 2014, the American company partnered with the Royal Marsden, a cancer research center in London to continue this fight.

Ralph and global literacy

The American designer philanthropist is not only fighting for medical causes, but also for the literacy of the youngest in the world. Indeed, during the presentation of his line of children's clothing fall-winter 2014-2015, the fashion designer has set up a capsule collection where 25% of the profits will be donated to various literacy programs.

The centerpiece of this action is the "Literacy" T-shirt, which features the mythical Polo Ralph Lauren player consisting of the words "write" and "Read" derived in a total of twelve languages (Spanish, French, English, Mandarin, Korean, Japanese, Italian). On the back of the shirt, we can find a quote from the famous designer: "Books are windows to the world that have the power to change lives".

The famous Polo Ralph Lauren Pony is once again redesigned, through men's and women's clothing, for great causes with an event presented in one of the largest libraries in the United States.

Ralph Lauren in the fight against deforestation

Ralph Lauren corporation is also committed to the fight against deforestation by not buying products that contribute to the destruction of the forest or the habitats of indigenous people. Some companies are turning more and more to wood pulp to create their fabrics (viscose, rayon ...). It’s the Rainforest Action Network that has pointed out this situation and called on the major players in the fashion industry to act accordingly.

Always both business and philanthropist, the American company has therefore controlled its supply chain to avoid as much as possible to source from suppliers coming from "risky areas" for the environment.

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