Rave skateboards

The Bordeaux skate label Rave created in 2016 by Tom AMIOT, PJ CHAPUIS and Aurélien MANGIN is mainly inspired by the rave movement of the 90s and the Thunderdome, there are also big hip-hop influences. All the pieces are printed and embroidered in Biarritz, the cut and sew in Poland and all the boards in Canada. Quality is priceless.

What could be better than starting with the GMT capsule of the young label with 3 t-shirts and 2 hoodies. They use the logo of the famous Rolex watch brand. It is inspired by the Hip-Hop culture which had precisely made one of its main values the wearing of luxury products in street outfits. It gives an explanation to the presence of Rolex, and it even reinforces the RAVE embroidery to give an exceptional capsule, which will convince streetwear fans as well as the most casuals.

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