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What Did You Miss This Season ?


Well, what a question ! My guess is that you missed a lot. Let’s see a quick review:


– My neighbor has obviously found his drill and has returned to his     Sunday work.
– Your vaccine.
– Thomas Pesquet went on board the ISS for six months.
– The terraces are open again!
– DMX has passed away, as well as Prince Phillip. Coincidence?


And so on and so forth….


These are the main and minor events of the beginning of the spring-summer season.

But the real major event is, of course, our news, what we have brought in. At Graduate we have been busy with new products, and we continue to offer you an ever more qualitative selection.


So What’d You Really Missed ?


For example, Jean Touitou’s label, APC, continues to delight us. After 35 years of good and loyal service, the brand is always present and continues to radiate its false simplicity. The Bastian denim overshirt, a sort of cross between a type II and type III trucker, in a light canvas, is worn on our layering looks with the Joseph cardigan and the 92 shirt. We are on cotton and cashmere, we are fresh, we are well.


Another look, which starts with the Alan parka, still from our favorite production and design workshop. Solid, large pocket, ripstop finish for a completely water-repellent coating, no worry about the small wave that we see appearing in the distance, subtly. With the help of a favorable wind that will have chased away this damned cloud, we drop the parka to reveal a Tibo jacket. Light and springlike, a small Colorful Standard tee underneath, and we simply feel good.


We leave full weekend? Okay, no problem, seems to me that Stussy is perfectly adapted, right? Beach shorts, iconic sweatshirt from the surfwear label, and a little summer shirt to bring a little layering. As a bonus, the cap of the young Bordeaux based label Rave Skateboards, and navy Vans in suede canvas on the feet. Clearly, this outfit indicates that summer is coming.


Come on, let’s stop talking, let the looks speak for themselves, and make room for our selection to be found online and in our shops!


Our Looks. Part I :








Our Looks. Part II :


We keep on our selection of looks that we suggest you, and that you could have missed because of the world health situation. Now that this event is soon behind us, let’s get on with it.

And to do so, what better way to start than by wearing Polo Ralph Lauren shorts, hmm? Jack Purcell in canvas on the feet and we start on very good bases. Edwin tee, Stone Island jacket and Polo hat, and it seems we’ve been around the world, from the United States to Japan, through Italy.


We continue on a totally chill style. Summer shirt from the workwear label Universal Works, 100% cotton seersucker, a light and “fresh” fabric. In addition, a swim short in herringbone weave that reflects the utilitarian aesthetic of the label. Polo gold color, still from UW, and recall color with Chuck Taylor Sunflower Gold.


We’re on the beach, that’s it. Shirt of the legendary label Gitman, here the subdivision “vintage”, 100% made in the USA. Stan Ray tee, Sun buddies sunglasses, Battenwear shorts, and a bag from the same American label, perfect to put your sun cream and your little shovel in. Sand castles are yours.

Let’s let the looks speak for themselves!