Polo Ralph Lauren

Polo Ralph Lauren is the American brand by excellence, founded by Ralph Lauren in 1967. Inspired by the chic style of the WASP and the "American dream", he opened his first store that same year to...
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Polo Ralph Lauren is the American brand by excellence, founded by Ralph Lauren in 1967. Inspired by the chic style of the WASP and the "American dream", he opened his first store that same year to sell ties for men and women, including those of his own brand named "Polo" to recall the class of a polo player. The American label is characterized by a masculine wardrobe with a British or East Coast trend. but the brand also dresses men, women and kids.

From sweaters in various knits, to iconic pima cotton polos and custom shirts, each piece is an essential. Classic, elegant, sometimes sporty and technical, the American label is a must-have brand whose timeless pieces are countless. From the classic pieces of the American schoolboy sports lover, to the americana or art deco tradition, the brand has been able to diversify and touch all styles and build a relationship with all layers of society. From men to women and kids.

For the SS.21 collection, the brand with the polo player logo honors its past. From this delivery, we find several strong and striking products with the Teddy Bear logo on a hoodie, crewneck or sweatshirt base, which does not forget to remind us of the old sports collections of the brand with the small horse logo. Also the shirts with slim or custom stripes in twill, the hoodie in pima cotton will also be present. This season remains faithful to the identity of the brand's historic sports range and the Anglo-Saxon influenced products of its designer.

Ralph Lauren: From the Bronx to the Olympics

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Former Polo Ralph Lauren Collection, Between Clothing And History.

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Ralph Lauren Universe

It is expanding, and has been for some time. And it's even accelerating. Yes, the fashion corporation, the global fashion empire, is not resting on its laurels and is diversifying its assets! Of course, let's explore more with our dossier dedicated to the subject of "Ralph Lauren Universe". Gastronomy, sports, literature, cinema, and most importantly, the fashion corporation's involvement in various charities. Read all about it and discover the hidden part of the fashion corporation iceberg!

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The counterfeit of Ralph Lauren clothing

Today, Polo Ralph Lauren is a famous American clothing and accessories fashion corporation that is known all over the world. With the emergence of platforms for buying and reselling clothes, more and more fake pieces are appearing on the market. In our article "Counterfeit Ralph Lauren Clothing", we address the subject in order to help you detect the real from the fake. By giving you some pointers and advice, you'll be able to identify your fashion piece of clothing and know if they are real or fake.