Alexandre Mattiussi and his AMI collaborations

Alexandre Matiussi, creator of the AMI Paris label, is what you might call a modern artist. Every season he manages to strike contemporary fashion with his unique signature. He has been a great success for about ten years now. His brand is built around visuals that are both neat and refined, sober and offbeat.

The creator is a real jack-of-all-trades, and you can feel it in the Parisian label's dressing room. Because it can be worn on any occasion; to go to work, to go out for an evening out or simply to feel good every day.

Over time, Alexandre Mattiussi got closer to other brands. In order to collaborate with designers he esteems, with friends or with brands that have found echoes in him at certain periods of his life. In our article Seasons and Collections Ami Paris we come back to four of them by presenting them in detail.

There are many AMI collaborations, such as with Larose, Frenchtrotters, Robinson les Bains, and many others that are all unique in their own way.

Come on, follow the guide, let's go!

Kway AMI, 100% Frenchy

The autumn winter 2018 season has brought to light one of the most successful collaborations. Alexandre Mattiussi has many links with K-Way, he even declared that "collaborating with K-way is a given" for him. Even if the brands' base is quite distant, they each respect the same artistic values. Like the universal side of the pieces, the color panel used or the subtle but terribly effective patterns, learn more about this collaboration in our dedicated article Kway AMI, 100% frenchy, you will know everything about this collaboration.

On the parts side, we find mainly Eiffel jackets with very modern visuals. Three-quarter cut, fitted with elastics in the with cuffs and a slightly raised collar, they are the perfect pieces for a classy and contemporary outfit whatever the weather. K-Way's signature is obviously there, this multicolored zip closure that brings a unique touch to each piece. We find the logos of both labels affixed at chest level for a very successful branding.

AMI, Alexandre Mattiussi GAP Collaboration

In 2017, Alexandre Mattiussi will work with Gap, an emblematic brand that everyone has already heard about. talk. They were put in touch through the GQ program "The best men's fashion designers on the planet", an award that was won by AMI. As for the American label, it presents us with casual pieces, that everyone likes, which is a pretty good indication of its success. The result is a collaboration that has been able to put in value the association of these two unique universes, the rendering is a feast for the eyes. In our article Ami, Alexandre Mattiussi GAP Collaboration we come back on one of the most emblematic collaboration of the Parisian label.

It relies on clothing technical exteriors, denim and stylish sweaters. One of the strongest pieces is without a doubt the ecru sweatshirt that mixes the Parisian label's "ami de coeur" logo with GAP's signature typology. We could also the denim jacket, which has a beige collar to add a touch of class to your outfit. difference. On the accessory side, we notice the presence of a hat and a cap that each have the mixing the logo ami de coeur with the name of the American label.

The jeans we talked about earlier are a flagship piece of this capsule. It has patchworks on the front that highlight the denim canvas, and which bring relief to a very simple visual. This association propelled by GQ has allowed these two labels to deliver a visually very successful collection that will be able to please everyone, just as they have wanted since their creations.

Eastpak AMI, between classic and modern

Everybody has owned an Eastpack backpack, they are iconic, timeless, and fulfill their role as simply as they do effectively. So in 2017, Alexandre Mattiussi decided to revisit the mythical bag of the American label. At the head of the prow is a very modern oversized banana bag, supported by purple, yellow and red tips that give it a very singular character. We come back on this collaboration in our article Eastpak AMI, between Classic and Modern, so it will be easier to understand what motivated the designer to work with the world famous brand of backpack.

There's also a more classic backpack, exactly the same design as Eastpak's emblematic pieces. The small detail is the brand patch, displaying the AMI logo associated with the American giant's logo.

A second backpack is also present, it has a rope closure to ensure a retro look that is perfectly contrasted with its nylon canvas, which brings a technical touch. Like its two companions, it has hints of purple, red and yellow to reinforce its visuals.

This collaboration is one of the most successful for the Parisian label. It revisits an emblematic fashion brand. Eastpak is a well-known and recognized brand, to see the Alexandre Mattiussi label take over this universe is a pleasure for the eyes.

Moncler AMI, when two brands join forces

In 2015, the Italian designer Moncler, led by Remo Ruffini and Alexandre Mattiussi have joined forces to create a capsule collection. She brilliantly reinterprets the classics of men's winter fashion. On the menu, a very successful fusion that presents us with a mix of inspirations that really works. Through our article Moncler AMI, when Two Brands Join Forces we look at this first capsule collection signed Mattiussi and Ruffini.

There are jackets, sweaters, knits, coats, but one of the strongest pieces is a quilted canvas shirt with the Moncler signature patch on the left sleeve. The result is strong, powerful and neat, just like the two brands.

AMI Smiley, a collaboration that puts a smile on your face

It is since 2017 that the French designer Alexandre Mattiussi decides to work with the label SmileyWorld. But before presenting the collection do you even know who is behind this label? SmileyWorld is a registered trademark approved to use the rights of the smiley we all know today. The first collaboration with the brand with the little yellow man took place in 2008 with Tommy Hilfiger. Our article AMI Smiley, a collaboration that puts a smile on your face presents in detail the work of the two labels over their three years of joint work. If by chance you feel like investing in a shirt from the brand with a heart, our article How to Wear the AMI Shirt presents this timeless and classic piece of the genre.

Pieces of AMI and Smiley Collab

Then comes the year 2017, AMI Paris decides to work with the American label on a collection of clothing featuring the logo of the brand reworked by the vision of the Frenchy. This collaboration now includes a panel of 8 pieces each sporting the logo, among them we find tee shirts, shirts and other timeless. The pieces are typical of AMI with a sobriety and effective cuts.

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