Ami, Alexandre Mattiussi GAP Collaboration

AMI Paris, a brand that symbolizes the work of French chic and class. Since its creation in 2011, and until today, the creator and designer of the brand with the red heart continues to surprise us and reinvent cuts, fabrics and other fashion icons, impacting the men’s wardrobe and at the same time, the history of contemporary fashion.

Portrait Alexandre Mattiussi

Like a good ready-to-wear brand, AMI Paris has been proposing since 2015 collaborations as diverse as varied with brands having a similarity in their vision. If you want to discover more, our article Alexandre Mattiussi and his AMI Collaborations tells you and presents each of the capsule collections he has been able to realize throughout his life.

Today in this article we will focus on the collaboration between the Parisian label and the famous clothing brand GAP.

The beginning with the magazine

It was in 2007 that the American magazine decided to partner with the ready-to-wear brand, GAP. As part of this annual collaboration, the two brands work on a capsule collection aimed at highlighting the greatest designers of the United States, and this every year.

It is only in 2017, that they decide to export the concept to the 4 corners of the globe. Thus for the first edition, GQ and GAP decided to work with Ami Paris, the label Kinfolk from Brooklyn and finally the designers of United Arrows witnessed the Japanese know-how through the work of denim for example.

GAP x Kinfolk x AMI x United Arrows

A small news item, due to the impact of the coronavirus on the planet, the ready-to-wear brand Kinfolk has unfortunately closed its doors for good, a heavy loss in view of the impact of the shop in his neighborhood in particular.

The AMI x GAP collection

Thanks to GQ, AMI Paris will be able to collaborate with GAP for the first time. Although the two brands are quite different, it is quite possible to notice some similarities. The main one is the attention brought to the cuts of the clothes.

Nowadays, if we think beautiful clothing and beautiful cut, we stop directly on the brand Ami Paris. Indeed, if there is a field on which the Frenchy has a very critical look, it is obviously on the cut of the clothing.

Pièces AMI x GAP

If you are particularly interested in this question, we recommend our article: “seasons and collections Ami Paris”, it returns to the history of the brand and presents the timeless of the brand.

Focus on the pieces

Within the collection, we will find a whole panel of pieces as diverse as varied strongly inspired by the men’s wardrobe both classic and contemporary. From the long coat to sweaters or other shirts and to finish with a pair of sneakers.

As part of this collaboration, GAP x AMI, the American brand leaves a maximum of space to allow the French designer to express all his talent and highlight his label so special.

Style AMI x GAP

The big advantage of this capsule collection is obviously the price, indeed, GAP is a brand that offers timeless clothes. What better then, you will find pieces cut by a great designer, with an aesthetic purified to the maximum and with prices quite affordable.

Thus, the followers of both brands could find all the items in the GAP stores in the United States and in France.

A final word

Today, as history shows, Alexandre Mattiussi is a designer who no longer needs to prove his worth. After having worked for big names such as Christian Dior, Givenchy or Marc Jacobs.

He launched his own brand in 2010 to fly on his own. After a decade of existence and many resounding successes, he will collaborate with many houses such as Moncler (symbol of chic and puffer jacket), K-way and their indissociable range Outdoor, Eastpak or Smiley.

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