How to wear the AMI shirt ?

The designer of the Ami Paris brand, Alexandre Mattiussi, is highly inspired by the unique style offered by these garments. The ami shirt, that timeless yet trendy piece that adapts to every mood and every season, is undoubtedly the cornerstone of the Parisian label's inspirations. But before you know how does fit AMI Paris, it's important to know how to wear the AMI shirt, an essential fashion statement shaped by the exemplary work of the designer.

The brand offers two main styles. Some are straight, ideal for a refined, classy look, while others are more casual and relaxed, with a more modern cut.

The AMI straight cut shirt, a reference

The Parisian label has made quality its watchword. Most of his shirts are made in Portugal in high quality cotton. An AMI straight cut shirt combined with stitched trousers and a tailored jacket will give you a look of a unique class, very inspired by the Parisian universe of the brand. The class à la parisienne therefore, perfect to accompany you to work.

An AMI Paris shirt will find its complementary pieces in the label's wardrobe. On the menu, an understated yet effective color palette. With quality materials, classy pants and an inspired jacket, you've got everything you need for a successful look, but read on for some advice.

The AMI Paris shirt will find its complementary pieces in the label's dressing room. On the menu, a very sober, but still very effective color palette. Between quality knits, classy pants and inspired jackets, you have all the cards in hand for a successful look.

In terms of colors, the choice offered by the Parisian label will allow fairly moderate risk taking. Be inspired! It will be difficult to make a mistake as long as AMI Paris has such a uniform wardrobe, with its own identity.

The must-have AMI casual shirt

As we said before, the Parisian label stands out for its shirts. But AMI, in addition to offering straight shirts ideal for a suit-and-tie look, also offers shirts with a more modern, casual cut. AMI casual shirts are easily combined with chinos, stitched trousers and jeans.

Most of them are still made of cotton in Portugal. Their graphic styles assumed by tiled patterns, original ecru colors and their retro inspiration will bring the unique label of Paris to your outfits. Other shirts are more classic, with very successful sky blues.

It will be relatively easy to wear these AMI shirts, indeed, the variations are endless. Open with a t-shirt, tucked into a nice pair of trousers, under a sweater, be creative!

Which look with the AMI Paris shirt?

At Graduate, we are very inspired by the pieces of the Parisian designer. We are therefore pleased to offer you a selection of passe-partout looks that will showcase Alexandre Matiussi's shirts! Take a look at our Ami Paris Seasons and Collections article to discover all the brand's emblematic pieces.

Wearing an ami de cœur shirt every day

The very simple but terribly effective Chemise ami de cœur Bleu will be perfect to start with. Associated with the Chino carotte oversize Argile she will be able to reveal her full potential. It will enhance the cotton fabric used and will give you a modern and classy silhouette. For a more trendy look, combine a nice pair of pants and a pair of shoes, moreover in our article "How to wear the AMI sweater" you will also have various tips on the size of the classic brand. You can then choose to adopt a pair of Tiger horizonia Peacoat polar shade to enhance the contemporary look of your outfit or opt for the magnificent Original achilles low 1528 White 0506 from Common Projects to enhance the classy side of your look.

And don't forget the accessories! The AMI shirt is a versatile garment that can easily be paired with an Ami Paris capto create a look that's both trendy and casual.

Combine the ami de cœur shirt with an evening gown

For a successful evening outfit, you need high quality pieces with lots of character. The Chemise ami de cœur Bleu Blanc perfectly fulfills this role and will become the cornerstone of your look.

Next, the Pantalon coupe carotte a plis Marine will enhance the beautiful fabric of the shirt. And in case you're cold, the Cardigan ami de cœur Bordeaux will contrast remarkably with the light tones of the shirt and the dark tones of the pants. This outfit combines classic clothes with modern cuts, it's the perfect evening outfit to be chic without overdoing it !

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