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AMI Smiley, a collaboration that puts a smile on your face

Alexandre Mattiussi, after working for Christian Dior, Givenchy and Marc Jacobs, decided to launch his own brand AMI PARIS. With an urban inspiration, his pieces mix casual style with a certain sophistication. With stores located all over the world, AMI PARIS has certainly made a name for itself and captured the hearts of consumers. Its great success has allowed it to collaborate with several major brands to offer us must-have pieces. We detail all this in our article "Alexandre Mattiussi And His AMI Collaborations".
There is notably Moncler, Eastpak, Gap but you can find on our article Kway AMI, 100% Frenchy, the capsule made with this mythical French company.

In this capsule, we can find Sweaters, T-shirts, Hoodie...

The Smiley Brand

The Smiley Company is the company that owns the rights of the famous smiley and this in more than 100 countries. The smiley was created by Franklin Loufrani in 1971 to indicate a good news on the newspaper France-Soir.

Since the beginning of its creation, the little yellow head has multiplied its appearances especially when in the early 2000s, the company concedes the rights of its emoticons to telecommunication companies.

A few years later, the British label announced the creation of the Smiley World Association in 2005, a charitable subsidiary where it donates 10% of its profits.


It is finally in 2008 that we will see for the first time the use of the smiley in the world of fashion with the creation of Smiley Studio with a collaboration with Tommy Hilfiger.

After having developed on several fronts such as accessories; the firm will even attack the food field with chips with the effigy of the logo.

We find the collaboration that interests us with AMI PARIS for Spring-Summer 2015 to 2020.

AMI X Smiley

The happiest brand in the world and AMI Paris have created a capsule over 6 years of several products.

Alexandre Mattiussi has reinterpreted the mythical smiley for a series of capsules and bring good humor through the seasons. We can note a small detail on the smiley logo, it is on the clothes, always decorated with a red hat. Indeed, Alexandre has always worn this accessory during his childhood.

It’s in 2015 that the SMILEY FRIEND will make its first appearance during the Spring-Summer 2015 collection. Being a great success, the smiley with the red cap will be back in 2018 until today through the must-have items of the AMI wardrobe: sweaters, shirts, t-shirts, hoodies...

The collection offers easy-to-wear products while keeping the chic look and values of the Parisian label. Joy and optimism are the key words of this collection.

The different pieces of the collection :

Today, we can count up to 8 pieces from the collection.

First of all, the timeless Smiley patch t-shirt which comes in 5 colors. The piece is plain with the Ami Smiley logo on the chest. A sober piece that will delight your outfit by bringing a touch of playfulness specific to the capsule.

The Button-Down Smiley Patch Shirt, a black and white striped oxford shirt made in Portugal with the mythical SMILEY patch on the chest.

We will now talk about the Smiley Patch Shirt available in 4 colors: gray, olive, red and blue. This sailor corresponds perfectly to the values of the collaboration, bringing lightness and class, without forgetting the patch AMI SMILEY.

We now find another model of shirt, the Smiley Patch Shirt. This shirt fit in oxford will delight your look on occasions a little more formal and easily adapt to your outfit with its 6 colors.

For the penultimate model, we will talk about the classic of the AMI wardrobe, the Hoodie declined for the collab: the Hoodie With Patch Smiley. This cotton fleece sweater available in 4 colors is a timeless of the Parisian label, adding lightness and casual style to your look.

Finally, the Smiley patch Sweatshirt, available in grey, blue and olive. It takes the classic cut of the Parisian sweatshirt and is decorated with the logo of the collab.

We find a light collaboration giving the smile by finding the classics of AMI Paris. Lightweight pieces that go perfectly with an everyday outfit. Another successful collaboration for the Parisian brand.

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