AMI de coeur, a love story

Friend of the heart: "A common expression used to describe a friend with whom you have an intimate and privileged relationship. It is used in opposition to the word friend and gives a touch of sentimentalism, romanticism to make the difference with a basic friendship. »

AMI Paris is a reference to the "friend" we have and have always wanted. Much more realistic and in the good sense of the word "simple" than the visionary clichés of the fashion world. What could be better than love and friendship to connect us to the reality and happiness of life? That's why we propose you our article AMI Paris : 2021 Starter Pack which presents you the AMI collection.

It is this message between a homely mentality on an aesthetic level and pure emotions that Alexandre Mattiussi wants to transmit. The French brand of this man with a big heart is driven on the AMI Collection by an incredible creative sincerity. That's why we're going to focus today on the range that represents love with a big "A" of AMI: Friend of the heart.


The creator with a big heart

 "A camel coat, a white T-shirt, a shirt, this is my world. It is simple, but this adjective does not frighten me. Basically, it's a brand for a guy like me, who loves beautiful clothes but wants to be elegant without spending a fortune or being stuck in a suit. A man is never happier than in jeans, cashmere sweaters, sneakers."

Before talking about this collection exclusive to AMI and which is its trademark, it is important to evoke the spirit of the label. Indeed, as Alexandre Mattuissi tells us, the goal is to dress man in an elegant and refined way without being in the process of experimentation.


Here the most important thing is the values, is God knows that the Parisian house is in it for its creator. Love for beauty, authenticity and human relationships, it is here that sharing, passion and the environment prevail.

AMI develops in benevolence, it is a kind of ritual that the label makes it a point of honour to promote. Alexandre Mattuissi grew up in a world full of tenderness with protective parents, who have always accompanied him in his passions.

This is why the creation of a range and a sign of love was essential to create the identity of this label. As a reminder, he had had a dazzling expansion of his stores following the opening of the first one in 2012. A direct international development through Tokyo and London, proof of the intercultural affection that the label knows. It's easy to compare the label's history with the life of a couple between men and women. AMI, l'homme pour la femme, embodies this vision of fashion without frontiers, where traditional gender codes are transcended.


The symbol of the Parisian label, the "Ami de coeur" line, was created in 2016. Like a letter stamp that we could send to a loved one. This line is a combination of the casual style and the usual elegance of the AMI man. Decorated with an "A" based on the typography of the famous card game, it becomes the symbol of the brand and spirit that Alexandre has always wanted to transmit in his creations. 

A tender FW19 season

For this FW19 season, AMI, as usual, is revisiting the classic men's cloakroom by modernising it. But this season, he brought a touch of madness, especially to the play of colours by working with vaporwaves shades such as the famous roses, greens and pale beiges.


On the formats and cuts we find the sweatshirt sizes with round neck and hood, which look much lighter thanks to their pastel colors. In itself, the most harmonious sets, like the pieces with faded effects that surprised us during the Spring Summer 2019 collection.

It is also the first time that we see the Friend of Hearts embroidered in crosses and much more imposing on the chest. A design as refined as ever with more adventurous colours. The style is without risk since it comes from Alexandre's work, who makes available to us the most atypical pieces from his collection in our shop!


Among the highlights of the collection is this thick jacket made mainly of wool with black, white and brown tiled patterns. The zippered closure and the straight buttoned pockets form a functional unit. Perfectly representative of the brand, which is seeking to revisit its classics but to remain on its side to continue to satisfy all the brand's friends with certainty. A way to treat lovers of the label as it should be.

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