Moncler AMI, when two brands join forces

AMI Paris is a ready-to-wear brand founded in 2010 by the creator and designer Alexandre Mattiussi. It is after his studies at the Duperré school, that he officially launches into fashion. He worked with major brands in the field, including Christian Dior, Givenchy and Marc Jacobs. Wanting to fly on his own, he founded Ami Paris in late 2010, early 2011.

Logo Ami Paris

Today, Ami Paris and its iconic Ami knitwear featuring the big red heart are known the world over, thanks in no small part to its emblematic collaborations. In our article Alexandre Mattiussi and his AMI collaboration, we present some of the collections developed by the designer. The brand's rise to prominence and the designer's hard work have led to numerous collaborations over the years, including with GAP, Eastpak and K-WAY.

But do you know the very first collaboration of the brand with the red heart? The one with the famous Franco-Italian brand.

Who is behind the label of Grenoble ?

It all began in 1952, thanks to René Ramillon and André Vincent who launched Moncler in Monestier-de-Clermont near Grenoble.

In 2003, the Italian Remo Ruffini takes over the brand and signs the entry of the brand in the world of luxury and haute couture with the creation of typical down jackets of the brand. Today, the brand is headquartered in Milan, Italy, unlike back then.

Logo Moncler

Today, the label with French-Italian colors is recognized worldwide for the quality of its outdoor pieces and especially thanks to the down jackets, iconic of the brand.

The fashion market is in full evolution, each brand is trying to make its own way and tries to distinguish itself from its competitors. The collab is therefore a very popular way to be noticed with the presentation of capsule collections as diverse as varied.

Collection Moncler Craig Green

And in this game, the label excels. Among the countless collaborations of the brand, we can think of Rimowa, Comme des Garçons, Colette and more recently the designer Craig Green.

Moncler is no longer just a brand of basic ready-to-wear signed in Italy, over the years they have developed a line of colorful accessories and not necessarily usable only in the mountains, among them we find bags, glasses or a category of suitcase.

The first of many

Here we are finally in 2015, and it is for the Fall/Winter season that the two brands finally decide to work together. What could be more natural for the two brands to develop a collection highlighting their mutual label. So, take your suitcase and your sunglasses and dive into the universe of this collaboration. If you want to learn more about the world of AMI Paris, our article Seasons and Collections AMI Paris presents the pieces and clothes of previous collections made by Mattiussi himself.

Nothing surprising, in this capsule we will find mostly strong pieces such as the coat, jacket, knitwear, hats and other warm pieces for the winter.

Moncler x Ami

This collection is a tasty mix between a chic wardrobe and a masculine outdoor wardrobe. The emphasis on clean designs combined with loose cuts that perfectly reflect the identity of the two labels between city and mountain.

Unfortunately, there are no bags or other ski accessories. If you're interested in this subject, our article les saisons et collections ami paris presents the pieces Alexandre Mattiussi worked on.

A dazzling launch

As you have surely understood, this line of clothing is impregnated with the atmosphere and the DNA of both brands. With this first collaboration Ami was able to demonstrate the quality of its work and its involvement through its various projects.

That's why the more the years go by, the more AMI Paris becomes an important brand in the field, thanks to this influence, the possibility to work with new brands and new designers is now possible. More recently Alexandre Mattiussi has worked with Eastpak, K-way and many other brands, but what does the future hold ?

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