Reebok, or J.W. Foster and Sons back in the days, is a sports equipment manufacturer born in England, Bolton in 1895. They were, at that time, the first to manufacture athletics pointe shoes, all handmade. It was renamed "Reebok", in reference to a South African antelope, by the two grandsons of the founder Joseph William Foster in 1958. The company expands its market around the world as well as in other sports and diversifies in more and more sports achievements. After being bought by the three-band Adidas brand in 2005 for $ 3.8 billion, Reebok is offering more and more technical pairs and is known worldwide through its collaborations. She becomes the official supplier of uniforms and clothing of the NBA in 2006, with a contract for 11 years. We also remember his close collaboration with Kendrick Lamar, with no less than a dozen pairs signed by the Compton rapper.

For the FW20 season, the English label continues to explore its archives to offer us sneakers with retro and timeless styles. Among them is the unmissable Club c revenge, which comes in several colorways.

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